Saturday, January 9, 2010

What are emisvyapam and emis vyapam index?

Today, in India, many people are searching about emis vyapam index and emisvyapam. I tried to find information about them in Internet but it is very unclear. I searched Google with the keyword emisvyapam and I could not really understand its meaning. Is it related to any examination or degree? I wish that Indian government officials give some more importance to Internet. There should be some information about this thing in any government website.
I also searched about emis vyapam index and really, I could not understand anything about it from the websites that came in Google result. This is quite frustrating. Frankly, it is no problem for me if I cannot understand the meaning of these two things. I do not need to know about them at this moment except writing in this blog. Some people are searching about them and that is why, I am trying to find the information and help them.
I am waiting for Birmingham City vs Manchester United match of EPL that is going to take place after few hours.
By the way, if you have any idea about emisvyapam and emis vyapam index then please leave a comment in the comment section so others can know and get benefited. 

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