Thursday, January 7, 2010

YSR Reddy death conspiracy: Any role of Mukesh Ambani?

The untimely death of Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy (to his fans he is more famous as YSR) that took place on September 2009 still is grieved by many people in Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. This is a very sensitive and emotional issue for many people as the reason for his death is still unknown. He died in a helicopter accident and many people became so sad that more than 600 people died from heart attack and killed themselves as a reaction to this tragedy. So, I do not need to repeat the matter that YSR was a very popular person. Earlier today, unfortunately, a TV channel in India reported that a Russian Magazine called The Exiled has published a detailed report that Mukesh Ambani had something to do behind the death of YSR.
Many other channels broadcast this item in India and it caused a lot of anger among the fans of YSR. They got very excited and attacked a number of f Reliance Retail outlets in Andhra Pradesh were attacked.
Reliance Retail is a subsidiary of Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL).
The incident occurred after 7 pm when a local television channel started airing that a Russian web magazine, The Exiled, had speculated that there could be a conspiracy behind Reddy’s death, as he had stressed that the gas find by RIL in the Krishna-Godavari basin was a national asset and the Ambani brothers, including their mother Kokilaben, had no right to distribute it between them.

It was a very confusing thing and attack to Reliance outlets was a shameful act. Until now, the whole thing is very unclear and the TV channel that broadcast the original report should be asked to provide all the information they found.

The Russian website, which was subsequently blocked, claimed to have extracted a purported confession from a former US associate of an Indian tycoon about an attempt to blow up the helicopter of the industrialist’s feuding brother. The associate is believed to have insinuated a similar plot to kill YSR since he was opposed to the corporate house extracting gas for its own use.

Andhra Pradesh government should take swift actions to maintain and law an order in the state. Andhra Pradesh is one of flourishing states in India and it is important that the mob do not do anything that can undermine the development of this state.
I have no sympathy towards Mukesh Ambani but the whole thing at this point of time is very hazy. YSR fans should demand for independent investigation to the whole YSR Reddy death conspiracy instead of attacking Reliance outlets. As far as I can understand, YSR never dreamt that his supporters would take law in their own hands for obscure report in a Russian website. 


  1. if it is true..! mukesh life will be in danger.

  2. I think all other media/news channels should be informed of the facts with a request not to take cognizance of fabricated, false and malicious news story attempting to tarnish the image reputed corporate

  3. There is absolutely no truth in the alleged news story which is nothing but sensation mongering and in poor taste. It is nothing but a tissue of lies. These media is setting the agenda on behalf of vested political interests or may be on behalf of corporate interest. One cannot ignore anymore the ever present scope for an alarming possibility of the media developing some sort of a vested interest.

  4. Simple, professional blog. Nice to see, it doesnt target anyone. Good one dude.

  5. Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy Death Conspiracy

    YSR lost his life due to his interest in procuring gas right to Andhra Pradesh. To under stand the conspiracy we should understand economics surrounded with oil exploration and its magnitude. Mukesh Ambani's KG basin actual explored gas reserves easily cross 5,00,000 cr Rs, while projected is less than 2,00,000cr Rs. He has shown wrong expenditure on exploring gas reserves as morethan 50000 cr Rs, but actual amount hardly cross 10000 cr Rs. Last year there was a news and debates on Oil ministers involvement or support to ambanis. There was difference of openion between Reddy and M ambani on sharing of gas and Price in A.P. YSR promised Rs 100/- gas connection to every house hold in A.P, since gas is explored in Andhra Pradesh. When ambani's took U turn on there promise supported by Oil minister backed by Sonia Gandhi. YSR has not bended to this pressure from central and money offered by them and initiated and started a New Oil exp Firm by AP govt in technical support of British Petrolium. All these did not auger well with central and ambani's. Few manths back there was a news that Mukesh is planning a new pipeline from Kakinada To Gujarath via touching some part in khammam dist. Event Telangana agetation trigered by TRS Chief KCR is fully funded by Ambani's to cut gas rights of Telangana region and Hyderabad both accounted to more than 75% of AP Gas consumption. By doing this they can save more than 1,00,00 Cr Rs. Try to study the need for secong Gas Pipe line when it is not at all feasible for 2,00,000 cr Rs gas res proj by ambani's. KCR receved an exp Car worth more than a crore along with the money paid to him for this in Mumbai.

  6. Whatyou said is very much true.......
    Thanks for the detailed story

  7. it seems to be true..i think Mukesh ambani is behind ysr death.we all should not forget Mukesh ambani even tried to kill brother.It was hinted by his brother only ..thank you vermuch for detailed information

  8. I stopped uisng reliance products ...
    Even though I was not benefited by any YSR govt, I stopped using reliance outlets and using reliance petrol etc .
    I am doing this because andhra state lost a good leader .
    I request all of you not to reliance produts.


  10. I believe YSR is a politician with good heart for the people.offcourse he is not clean. center took crores of rupees from after his dealth trying to make him a villion.
    YSR will remain in the hearts of ANDHARA PRADESH PEOPLE.