Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interview of Wrixon Wong: Senior Area Manager of Canon Singapore

Wrixon Wong is a senior area manager at Canon Singapore. He recently visited Bangladesh. He expressed his satisfaction with the performance of J.A.N. Associates Ltd in promoting Canon cameras in Bangladeshi market. He also expressed his joy with the continuous high growth in sales figure of Canon cameras in Bangladesh. He gave an interview on 19 November 2009 and here is the interview for the readers:

Razib Ahmed: Have you come to Bangladesh before?
Wrixon Wong: This is my third time in Bangladesh and I am very happy to come because I see a lot of activities in the market, traffic jams, more cars. So it seems like there are lots of activities this time. Things are getting better in your country.

Razib Ahmed: How is Canon doing in Bangladesh in the camera segment?
Wrixon Wong: Currently, we are in the top position in the dSLR camera market. Thanks to Mr. Kafi (Abdullah H Kafi). He has done a very good job. He has been able to build a very good rapport with the media by organizing various promotional events and seminars like this one. By organizing such events he has been able to reach out to the professional photographers and people who are interested in photography but does not have any opportunity to know about it. So, this is a great way to promote our product and connect with our buyers and share our skills and experience with Bangladeshi photographers. For this seminar, we have flown in one photographer, Mr. Teoh Pang Kee, whom we have flown in from Malaysia. He is sharing his photography skills and also his knowledge of the camera- how you can get the best picture.
Razib Ahmed: Earlier today, you unveiled a new product for Bangladeshi photographers. Can you tell us a bit about the special features of this product?
Wrixon Wong: Yes, The new camera we unveiled in Bangladesh is EOS 1 Mark IV Camera. The main feature of this camera is that it can take photos at a very high speed. The camera is equipped with twin DIGIC 4 processors which allow it to take photos at a rate of ten frames per second. It is like the cars. In traditional cars, there is only one carburetor but in present day cars there are two carburetors. This camera is very useful for sports photographers and news photographers who need to take photos of every second.

Razib Ahmed: We see Canon advertisements in satellite TV channels but there is no advertisement of Canon in Bangladeshi TV channels. Do you have any thought about it?
Wrixon Wong: Well, in India we are trying very hard to build our market share because our condition is not very strong in India. So we are working hard to have Indian market share and we are also aware that Indian channels are also shown in Bangladesh and they are quite popular. So, through Indian TV channels we are indirectly trying raise our brand awareness and so far there is a good impact.
Razib Ahmed: What is your future plan about the Bangladeshi market?
Wrixon Wong: In terms of dSLR. Two years ago we changed our distributor. When Mr.Kafi took over our camera distribution, he said that he would like to see Canon as the top product in the camera market in Bangladesh. “When people would think of camera, they would only think of Canon”- this was his vision. This impressed me very much. Mr. Kafi has become very successful as the official distributor of Canon printers in Bangladesh. Currently, Canon is the number one printer brand in Bangladesh. And I believe that he has the ability to take Canon camera to the same heights. It is just a matter of time. A few months earlier, I came to know that he has set up a training center to train people on operating digital cameras because in near future the digital cameras will have lots of features and the customers can not find out about all the features all by themselves. So, through arranging such training sessions, we would be able to connect to our customers and build our brand value in Bangladesh.
Razib Ahmed: Have you seen any significant increase in sales of your product in Bangladesh?
Wrixon Wong: Of course, over the years, we achieved double digit growth in sales but the year 2009 has been a bit difficult for economic recession but in November and December we are expecting to some growth in sales because this is the shopping season. We are hoping for a growth of 120% in sales in the next two months.

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