Sunday, March 21, 2010

Can Lekha Washington shine in Bollywood?

Lekha Washington is a familiar name in South India. According to a report of Times of India, she is one of the new South Indian actresses who have the potential to break in to Bollywood. In the past, some beautiful actresses came from South became the top actress in Bollywood. Sridevi is the best example.
Right now, Lekha Washington is a Music VJ and she has experience of one Hindi movie called Peter Gaya Kaam Se. To be honest with you, I am not very excited about the prospect of Lekha Washington to become a successful actress in Bollywood. I feel that her acting is not up to the mark. She is ready to wear bikini to please the director but wearing bikini wont ensure her success or position in Hindi movie.
Lekha Washington should focus on a career in Tamil and Telegu Cinema or in television. She would do well there. 

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