Monday, March 1, 2010

IBM layoffs 2010: Is India the Answer?

For the last few years, IBM officials perhaps never were shy about their vision that the future was in China and India. In other words, they realized that the salary of workers in the US is too high and sooner or later most jobs will go to Asia. Now, there are some hot speculations about possible layoffs in the media. I was reading the post at Huffington Post about IBM layoffs 2010. It is perhaps a matter of time that fresh layoffs are announced. I am not that surprised at this kind of news because whether you like it or not, US economy has not fully recovered. Yes, GDP growth is somewhat back on the track. However, most people are still no way near to get their jobs back.
The recession made many people unemployed. I guess that in 2010, we might see more jobs shifting to India for IBM. 

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