Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Katherine Jenkins wardrobe malfunction: Some Reflection

Katherine Jenkins wardrobe malfunction has caused a lot of media buzz at this moment. I can see that even in India, people are searching about it. So, for the next 48 hours, many people will become crazy to watch the photo(s). Some blogs and websites have posted the photos of Katherine Jenkins wardrobe malfunction. Some websites perhaps did not post any photo or even did not mention about the incident. She is just 29 years old and she is a popular classical singer from Welsh with huge popularity in UK.

This malfunction would surely make her even more famous. It happened recently while she was performing. A male dancer was holding her and she was trying a difficult stunt in air and then a part of her exposed some part of her body that should not have done.

Katherine Jenkins wardrobe malfunction is now very hot for in Internet search mainly because there are many people who are fond of any kind of wardrobe malfunction. However, there is perhaps another reason. Katherine Jenkins is not the kind of celebrity who would want to become famous by wardrobe malfunction.

Katherine Jenkins did not accept of Playboy magazine to become their cover girl. Playboy offered her more than a million pound sterling.

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