Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Prime Academy Chennai and Studying Chartered Accountancy

Prime Academy is an important coaching centre for Chartered Accountancy in India. It is situated in Chennai but it attracts students from all over in South India and even from other provinces. When you study Chartered Accountancy or CA then there is little class room teaching. However, the main goal of prime academy is to provide class room teaching for students who are doing CA. Thus in the past one and half decade, more than 63 thousand students have come here to study.
Prime Academy offers classes for all the students who are doing Chartered Accountancy in any kind of level. Thus, it has become specialist place for CA program.
Now, it has announced its online registration for the 31st season. So, many students are searching for information about it and that you website you should visit is-
While visiting the website, I noticed one thing that they have written about dress code. They have stated that they won’t allow men to wear short and women to wear short skirts or sleeveless tops. Anyway, I think that most people will not have any problem with their dress code but if you are one of those who are very sensitive about your dress and you want to wear short skirt or shorts in your education institution then most probably Prime Academy is not the write place for you. However, most people can easily accommodate.

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  1. I want to join cima courses ( Chartered Institute of Management Accountants ) . This information will be very usefull for me, thanks