Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lahore: An authentic movie on sports

Debutant director, Sanjay Puransingh Chauhan’s movie, Lahore, will be released in theatres on March 19, 2010. Not too many authentic sports movies have been made in Bollywood. Shah Rukh Khan starrer Chak De India, a movie on Indian hockey, become very successful. Lahore tells the story of a kick-boxer and his struggle. The story revolves around the rivalry between Pakistan and India. For a long time, Pakistan and India are not only political rivals but the two countries have been facing fiercely each other in the sports arena. For example, in cricket and hockey whenever the teams of Pakistan and India meets people become very excited. It is not just a match.

Lahore tells the story of a sportsmanship and struggle. The movie stars many famous Bollywood actors and newbie actors as well. Lahore is the last movie of famous Bollywood actor, Nirmal Pandey. Overall Lahore is going to be a hard hitting movie for which the Indian audience has been waiting for a long time. The movie has many good action sequences. If you are a lover of Hindi action movies then you should go and watch this movie.

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  1. May be a good movie, that also reduce the distances between Pakistan and India.