Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Narender Chanchal Bhajan download: some information

Narender Chanchal bhajan is very popular in India. Narender chanchal is a noted bhajan singer. Many people are searching for Narender Chanchal Bhajan online. Here are some links where you can enjoy Narender Chanchal Bhajan.





Narender Chanchal was born on the October 16th in a religious Punjabi family in Namak Mandi, Amritsar. It was his mother, a firm believer in Goddess Durga, who inspired Narender Chanchal to sing bhajans and aartis. From a very young age, Narender Chanchal used to participate in small functions in his local town but his father told him to concentrate more on studies. Narender learned music from noted musician of Amritsar, Sri Prem Trikha. Narender used to sing Kafias of Bulle Shah. He was then noticed by famous Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor, who approached him to come to Bombay and sing for his movie Bobby. Aside from singing, Narender Chanchal also tried his hands in poetry. He is a well known poet and writer and his poems have been published in various Hindi speaking newspapers.

Here is a video clip of Narender Chanchal Bhajan:

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