Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nityananda Ranjitha photos: The hottest search on the Internet

After the video clip of Nityananda and Rajitha has been leaked over the Internet, people are searching for Nityananda Ranjitha photos. “Nityananda Ranjitha photos” is one of the hottest topics over the electronic and print media in India. On March 2, 2010, video clip of Nityananda and Ranjitha was leaked over the Internet. The video was recorded by a camera placed in air purifier by Nityananda’s driver known as Lenin.

On Mach 9, 2010, former MLA, KN Subbareddy, filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) against private TV channels not to show video clips of Nityananda frolicking with actress Ranjitha. The PIL directed the censor board to take necessary action if any channel violates the censorship norm. Mr. Subbareddy, in his petition, mentioned that on March 3, 2010, three private television channels broadcast the clippings of Nityananda fondling a Tamil actress named Ranjitha. The clippings had been aired by two Kannada television channels. The clippings shocked Indian people specially the follower of Nityananda. In his petition Mr. Subbareddy said that the clippings shocked the people who had great faith in “Sanyasa dharma.” Moreover, it also affected the children and youth of India who would believe “wrong things.”

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