Friday, March 19, 2010

Tiger Woods text messages Joslyn James: What is it?

It seems that the scandal around Tiger Woods will not simply die down. Tiger Woods text messages Joslyn James is now the hot search item in Google trends and today will be the day that people will get another doze of this scandal. This time, what happened is that Joslyn James wanted to sell the alleged text messages to some media but she did not get the price she wanted. So, naturally, she got some annoyed and set up a website and then put the text messages.
The messages are graphic in nature and suitable for an adult website only. So, I am not going to put them here. If you like then just visit this Google trend page about it and you will find the messages.
Joslyn James has claimed that she wants people to know the real Tiger Woods. I wonder if there is anyone in USA who do not know the real Tiger Woods by now!
Anyway, Tiger Woods has done the bad things and he has to pay for it. He is paying for it. However, I wonder why Joslyn James got involved into a relationship with a married man? Isn’t she guilty in the same level like Woods? With her desperate efforts to earn some money from the text messages perhaps showed real Joslyn James to people along with real Tiger Woods. 

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