Friday, March 19, 2010

Jesse James mistriss Michelle bombshell Mcgee

In the end, it seems that both Jesse James and his mistress Michelle bombshell Mcgee got what they wanted. Mcgee earned a lot of cash for the interview and huge amount of media coverage. Jesse James now don’t have to hide his affair as it is already in the public domain. I wonder what Sandra Bullock got out of this whole affair- some pain and betrayed feeling.
I am not sure whether Sandra Bullock will get married again anytime soon or not. I just hope that if she decides to get married again, she tries to find a decent man outside of the showbiz industry and gets married to a regular guy.
As for Jesse James mistriss, there is no doubt that she will become very famous for few weeks. Then, most people will forget about her. She has a website and this website is getting huge hit because it got mentioned by some very popular websites. 

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