Monday, April 19, 2010

Absolute Write Blog Chain for April 2010

I am writing this entry as a part of Absolute Write Blog Chain. This time, the topic is: What would it be like to meet your novel characters?
I have written a novel but could not publish it yet. It is written in my own language (Bengali) and I sometimes read it. It is basically a love story between two persons. Since almost all the blog participants are from America or Europe, I felt that I should change the names of these two characters so that all of you feel comfortable. So, I am giving their names as Simon and Julia.
Simon is 28 years old and he finished his Masters 3 years ago. He comes from a very ordinary family and he is the only son of his family. His elder sister just got married a few months ago and lives with her husband in another country. Simon lives with his father and mother which is the natural thing to do for a son in our society. He is a journalist and works in one of the leading dailies in the city. He does not earn a lot of money but he has no problem to maintain a middle class lifestyle. Middle class lifestyle in my city means having no car, washing machine or Air Conditioner. He is more or less happy in his life but his life changes after meeting Julia.
Julia is 23 years old and she also lives with her parents. Her father is a high official in a multinational company and they are quite well off. They have a nice house, a car and some other gadgets and devices that rich people have in our society. Julia’s two elder sisters got married and they are housewives. One sister got married with the owner of a Garments factory while the other got married with the owner of a shopping mall. Julia’s only brother got married with the daughter of the owner of a real estate company. The brother has become a director in his father-in-law’s company.
Julia is unhappy for many years because somehow she cannot adjust with her family members, relatives and even her friends. She met Simon through a friend and started to spend time with her. Their favorite place is a library as both of them love to read. They gradually fall in love and then life becomes very complicated for her. She is determiner to marry Simon after finishing her studies but no one in her family likes Simon. The only exception is her father who thinks that Simon can be a good life partner for Julia. Even Julia’s friends cannot accept Simon because there is something in Simon they don’t like at all.
Simon is not ready to show any respect to the family members and friends of Julia just because they are rich. On the other, they feel that Simon is nothing more than a beggar and Julia is a foolish girl who does not know what is best for her. So, they think that it is their divine duty to ensure what is best for her and Julia must leave Simon as soon as possible. So, they make fun of Simon in every possible way but Simon is not foolish. He fights back and he can offend them with his worst in the best way. This creates more bitterness and tings become very complicated for Julia. Julia knows that someday she has to lose either her family or Simon.
Simon is a good man but he has some problems. He is too obstinate and it sometimes becomes tough for Julia to follow him.
Well, I should not make the story longer as I am afraid that some of you may already get bored with the narration. If I met them in real life, I would request both of them to be tough and flexible at the same time. I personally think that in life we need both of them. We need to believe in our ideas strongly but at the same time, we must have the flexibility to respect at least the ideas of our life partner.
In the end, they got married but before that they had to face many problems.
Now, it is your turn to give some advice to Julia and Simon. The comment section of the blog is waiting for you.
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  1. "I personally think that in life we need both of them. We need to believe in our ideas strongly but at the same time, we must have the flexibility to respect at least the ideas of our life partner."

    I totally agree!!! We most certainly DO need both of that. Good to know they made it (I'm all about the love story). :)

  2. A nice story of a ordinary Boy

  3. My most humble advice would be for "Simon" to do right by "Julia". Actions speak louder than words.

  4. It's a bit of a classic storyline theme, but definitely with a modern twist. I would definitely like to see how Julia's opinions and thoughts change as she and Simon continue trying to find their happiness.

  5. I think this is a wonderful story, razibahmed. I will read it when it is published in English. I really think that the best thing for them would be to move far away from Julia's family. Only then, will they be able to work things out, and begin a new beginning. They need to get away from all the negativity that is emanating from Julia's family. Because that's whats creating all the division in their lives.

  6. Interesting! I would love to read this if it is published in the future (and translated into English).

  7. I really liked this! You've created an interesting story and made me want to read more.

  8. Sounds like an intriguing love story. My advice to them both is "Be patient, stand up for yourself, try not insulting anyone if you can avoid it, and each of you remember the others' feelings." I wish them a long and happy life.

  9. I agree with what has been said before: it sounds like a wonderful, intriguing love story.
    Nice philosophy woven in as well!