Monday, April 26, 2010

All About Nsureplus Insurance Distributor Company

Nsureplus has become a brand name in the insurance business sector in India. A subsidiary of Hero Corporate Service Limited, Nsureplus is now the country’s largest general insurance distributor with more than 7 millions customers to its credit. Through its own patented IT enabled system, Nsureplus has reached at the remote corner of the country. It has more than 2500 active distributors across more than 500 locations in the country.

Nsureplus started its journey in 2004 and from the very beginning it was focused on reaching to wider group of people with its financial products and services. The insurance distribution company current offers General Insurance, Health Insurance and Life Insurance. Nsureplus always tries to keep good relation with its distributors and give the best service to its customers. It is popular among the urban and rural customers similarly because it can generate a policy instantly without needing to go through a complex procedure. Moreover, Nsureplus is easily accessible for the customers because of its big amount of distributors.

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