Monday, April 26, 2010

Loadshedding is Driving Me Crazy

If you live in a rich and developed country then you are not familiar to this thing. It simply means power cuts or shortage of electricity. For example, today, this problem literally made me mad. There was electricity for one hour and then no electricity for the next hour. Suppose, you are eating lunch and there is electricity. Then, eating is like wasting your time.
My work is full time blogging and if I don’t have power then not only I cannot work but also, I feel very restless. Today, my mood was so bad throughout the day that I could hardly do anything. It is now 1:00 AM here and I just hope that I can now work without any interruption for the next 2-3 hours.
I always have the dream to become a top blogger in Internet but there are so many challenges and obstacles when you live in a poor country. The only benefit is that you do not need to earn a huge amount of money. Because I earn in US dollars, whatever I earn becomes a decent amount of money in my local currency in the end and I can pay all my bills happily. However, this loadshedding is now driving me crazy and my earning has taken a huge beating in the last two months. 

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