Thursday, April 22, 2010

Archana Joglekar: Justice Delayed but not Denied

Archana Joglekar must feel happy today as she got justice from a court over a rape attempt on her. The attempt took place nearly 13 years ago and today, the court ruled that the offender must suffer imprisonment and some fine. I could not find that much information about her. Well, it seems that Archana Joglekar got some frustrated over the delay and she was not in the court today. She now lives in New Jersey USA.
The Telegraph reported:
Archana, who now lives in New Jersey, had last appeared in court in 2006, nine years after the 1997 incident. But the defence lawyer had not turned up then, stalling proceedings.
Today, when a fast-track court sentenced Bhubananda Panda to 18 months of rigorous imprisonment and fined him Rs 1,500, she chose to stay away. Panda will have to spend nine more months in jail if he fails to pay the penalty.
Panda was released on bail 10 months after the incident, before being recently arrested in a cheque-bouncing case.

So, it is quite frustrating for Archana Joglekar but still, she won her case and that is important. 

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