Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bomb Blast in Bangalore: IPL Match of RCB vs MI will go Ahead

Just few minutes before the start of the IPL match between Royal Challenger Bangalore and Mumbai Indians there were two bomb blasts outside of Chinnaswamy stadium in Bangalore. The stadium has capacity of 40,000 and all the tickets were sold. Fortunately, the two bombs were not high intensity bombs and did not cause that much damage. According to a report of NDTV, 8 persons have been injured. The condition of one person is perhaps some critical. The match was supposed to start at 4 PM Indian Standard Time. Now, the match has been delayed and it will start on 5 PM. Security has been tightened after the blast. The spectators have entered to the stadium and now in the stadium, people are eagerly waiting for the match to start.
Right now, outside the Chinnaswamy stadium, there are many security personals. Details about the blast are not still clear. It was a small explosion and was perhaps carried out to cause panic. It seems that the people are not worried or panicked. So, the match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians will go on.
Before the start of IPL season 3, there were some concerns about security among players of Australia and England. Well, except this minor incident, things have gone smoothly for the organizers. 

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  1. It's a really very dangerous fact that I've seen. I'm really disappointed that.