Thursday, April 8, 2010

A day of Blogging about South Asia

As I am a professional blogger, I have to write about several topics in several blogs. For example, yesterday, I wrote 5 entries in 5 blogs. Today, I am going to write only in this blog: South Asia Blog. Right now, in my city, load shedding (power cut) is at its worst. Yesterday, there was no electricity for 8 hours. I have a laptop but it works only for 30 minutes. I made a very big mistake when I bought the laptop one year ago. I should have gone for a laptop that works for at least 3 hours.
Anyway, I am going to write only in this blog today. So, if you are by any chance reading this entry and visiting this blog now, try to come back later in the day to get some more entries. Hopefully, we can update it a lot today.
By the way, I was listening to this song now in YouTube: Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi

If you have time then listen to it. It is very beautiful. 

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  1. There are Three countries in the world where lot of Load Shading takes place.

    here in Lahore Load shading of 9 hours taking place.