Thursday, April 15, 2010

How to Focus at Work: Ten Useful Tips

Before giving you any tips, I like to say that I suffer from this problem: how to focus at your work. Earlier today, I noticed that this blog has now got Alexa Ranking of 100,493 and I am happy for it. With Google Page Rank 5, Google backlinks of 355 and Yahoo Link of 43788, it is a blog that I have every reason to be happy and feel proud of. If I could just focus at work and just work on this blog consistently everyday then I could become very successful in my career. Today, I was thinking about this problem a lot. Just consistent concentration could change my fortune. So, just like you, I want to know how to focus at work.
In this entry, I am not exactly giving you some tips that would change everything. I just want to give you some food for thought and like you, I want to learn about it and in the end become successful in focusing at my work of blogging.
1. What is your problem?
Before anything, try to know about your problem. I am going to share my problem with you. For example, I think that to write a long entry of 1000-1500 words, it normally takes one to two hours of time for me. So, every day, I should be able to write at least one long entry that will be some well researched and of good quality. I know about my field (South Asia) a lot because I have been blogging about it for more than 4 years. I have developed an insight by which I can understand whether my entries are of good quality or poor quality. So, my main problem is that I cannot write one quality entry every day. It is tragic because it needs just maximum 2 hours to accomplish it.  
2. Why I cannot do it?
I cannot write my dream entry not because I do not have enough time but because I get distracted with many things. I get distracted with mobile phone calls, Instant messengers, emails, guests, electricity problem, movies in TV etc etc.
3. Make a list of the problems and divide them
Make a list of all the problems. Don’t worry if you cannot list them all. Also don’t feel embarrassed if they are funny or nonsense problems. For example, one of my bad habits is to check Sitemters of my blogs all the time every day. Anyway, after making a list of them then decide for yourself that how many of them are avoidable. If your electricity goes then you are helpless but you surely can control your urge to watch a movie in TV now. So, try to cut back on the bad habits that are avoidable and under your control.
4. Remind yourself that you must focus
Now, I am writing this entry for the last 20 minutes and all the time, I have the urge of going back to my bad habits and do the following things:
a. Check Sitemter of this blog
b. Eat some food although I am doing water fasting today
c. Drink some water or fruit juice. It is not that I am that much thirsty but it is old habit to get myself distracted.
d. Turn on the television and check if there are any of the movies I like.
e. Lie in bed and read a story book.
f. Call someone by mobile phone. I need to really call someone for a work but it can be done tomorrow. At least, I can call him after finishing writing this entry first. It won’t be a problem.
g. Check my email if any new email has come.
h. Check an online forum or blog to see if there any new message or entry.

I could list 8 excuses. So, I am reminding myself that I must focus and finish this entry first.

5. Plan your work
You should always plan your work. Planning destroys uncertainty. If you plan well then you know what you should do. Right now, I know that I have to come up with 10 tips that would be helpful. I know that I won’t write 5 tips or I wont write more than 10 tips either. I also know that I will write about focusing on my work. When I know these things before starting then doing the work becomes easy.
6. Don’t be afraid to displease yourself 
I guess that my mind is some annoyed with me that I am not watching a nice movie or reading an online newspaper that I like. My mind is telling me that I am missing many things by just trying to focus on this entry. It is telling me that almost 800 words have been written. I can finish it later and I must have a break. The reality is that I have been just writing this entry for only 32 minutes. It is not a lot of time.
7. Don’t be afraid to say no to others
I have noticed that the main problem is that I can’t be tough with others when I am doing a work. I need to practice this from now. Your family, relatives and friends are important but remember that your job is important too. So, don’t be afraid to say no to others. Of course, refuse them politely and say that you are really busy and it is like a matter of life and death for yourself.
8. Give Importance to your work
Often, in movies, they show that a man becomes too much obsessed and then, just gets consumed with his work and neglects his wife and children. Well, I agree that your family must come first but at the same time, you should remember that if you can focus then you can finish your work early and give more time to your family. Just think that you are giving importance to your work to spend more time with your family.
9. Do some mental practice and meditation
You don’t need to spend money or go to a class to do any kind of mental practice. Just try to think of any mental exercise that can help you to become more focused. Just give some thought about it and I am sure that you will find your solution.
10. Don’t be afraid to be a Nerd
When a person is serious about his or her work then they are sometimes called as Nerd. You don’t need to be the cool guys. In fact, I prefer to be a nerd and become an unsmart person rather than waste my time for nonsense and silly things. Just be yourself and this way, life will become easier.

Here are your ten tips on How to Focus at Work. I am happy to say that I could write the entry with all the focus and I did not get distracted with anything. It just took 42 minutes for me to write this entry and I could write around 1150 words.
Now, I am going to read the entry once (revision) and then will upload it in this blog.
I finished revising it and now, I am going to upload and it took exactly 50 minutes to finish the whole process. 

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