Friday, April 30, 2010

Katrina Kaif’s character in Raajneeti is not based on Sonia Gandhi

Once again Katrina Kaif is the center of media attention as her upcoming movie, Raajneeti, is slated to release in June. Recently, One India did an interview with the actress where she talked about Raajneeti and her career and future projects. While talking about Raajneeti, Katrina Kaif said:

Raajneeti has a popular subject. It is about the politics of life. It is a paradox which is also happening in your own family. It is something which happens between two lovers or for that matter a husband and a wife. It is a film on relationships. What I like about Raajneeti is that it is a film which is full of complexities in character. The film is about insecurities suffered by the character played by Ajay Devgan.

It is believed that Katrina Kaif’s character, Indu Pratap, is inspired from Sonia Gandhi’s character, as she played the character of a widow but Katrina said:

Let me reiterate that I am not playing the character which is based on Sonia Gandhi in Raajneeti. So what if I play a widow? My character of ‘Indu’ in Raajneeti is based on the character of Draupadi from Mahabharat. Indu is not only a strong and independent but also has modern values. Besides the fact that the film is helmed by a director like Jha, one more reason that made me agree to do the film is that you do not encounter roles other than typical ones in commercial films. Also I was glad that I was not required to look ugly or wear a pair of spectacles in Raajneeti, though I play a widowed character.

Initially, Katrina Kaif was apprehensive about the role for it would not go with her image. Very often people ask her why she does not do serious roles. Prior to signing New York, which was also a serious movie, Katrina Kaif appeared in Raajneeti. She wanted to try something new because Katrina felt that she had been prejudiced.

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