Friday, April 30, 2010

Nepal: Maoists to Bring Half Million People in May Day 2010 March

1 May is celebrated as the Labor Day in most countries of the world including Nepal. But this time, there is a special significance for the country as the opposition Maoists are determined to show their strength in the streets of the country. They’re expecting that they would be able to mobilize nearly half a million people in the streets to protest against the government. If the protest remains peaceful then there is no need to worry but unfortunately, there is every indication that violence may happen today.

Nepal News reported:
As per the schedule set for tomorrow, Maoist cadres will take out huge rallies from eighteen different places across the valley. The rallies will later converge into a huge mass meeting after reaching Khullamanch.
Dr Bhattarai assured that the mass demonstration to exert pressure on the government to step down and pave the way for formation of a Maoist led government will be peaceful.

The last thing that Nepal needs at this moment is large scale violence. However, it seems to me that the country is heading two words that direction.

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