Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nokia Launched 2690, 1800, and the 7230 handsets and Ovi Chat in Bangladesh

Earlier today, in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Nokia launched three new handsets- 2690, 1800, and the 7230. The company also launched Ovi Chat for Bangladesh users.
I just received a press release and I can find that the price of Nokia 2690 is BDT 4,995 while Nokia 1,800 will cost you BDT 2,500. On the other hand, Nokia 7230 is BDT 9,900.
I think that Nokia 1800 will become immensely popular because of its price. The price is around $35 and this price range is very popular among Bangladeshi consumers.
Nokia also launched Ovi Chat that will allow users to chat with each other through Instant Messaging (IM). Ovi Chat will be free for Nokia series 40 and series 60 handsets. This is a very cool feature and I am very happy that Nokia has launched this chat facility. It will make life much easier for busy people like me. Ovi Chat will give you the freedom of IM and it will help to keep you connected with others.
Today in the launching ceremony, General Manager Nokia Emerging Asia Mr. Prem Chand promised that some more features will come for Bangladeshi users and Bangladesh is now one of the top countries in terms of Ovi mail users.
To know more about Ovi mail in Bangladesh, read this entry from South Asia Blog:
 I am giving the press release below-
Entertainment just got a whole lot more interesting and affordable with the introduction of the new range of Nokia phones, the 2690, the 1800 and the 7230. Nokia unveiled this series of full blown communications and entertainment devices in a launching event in the capital on the 13th of April, where Ovi Chat, a free application to address Instant Messaging (IM) needs of consumers, was also launched.
Ovi Chat brings computer like chatting experience into mobile handsets. In Ovi Chat, once a user signs in, their buddy list or Ovi Mail contact list is automatically uploaded onto the phone. Ovi Chat streamlines ease of use of mobile Instant Messaging clients, including features such as quickly setting status and availability, or privacy settings. Users can express their emotions through a wide range of emoticons and stay connected with their loved ones through continuous conversation. Ovi chat is available for free in all Nokia Series 40 and Series 60 handsets.
Instant Messaging (IM) is a form of real-time communication between two or more people based on the exchange of short messages. You can easily see which of your contacts are available to participate in an IM conversation. To start chatting, select an available contact, and send a message. Mobile instant messaging allows you to communicate with your contacts no matter where you are. With instant messaging enabled on your mobile device, you can chat with your contacts as you would do from your PC.
 “We know Bangladeshis love to get together with friends and family and adda! Ovi Chat will connect and inspire hundreds and thousands of Ovi Mail users in Bangladesh to carry on continuous online “adda” or conversation.” Mr. Prem Chand, General Manager, Nokia Emerging Asia commented. “We launched Ovi Mail, free bangle email identity which can be created directly from mobile phones in June 2009 and the response has been phenomenal. Bangladesh is now one of the top countries globally for Ovi Mail users and launching Ovi Chat is Nokia’s next step to connect the Ovi Mail users and create a vibrant instant messaging community. Nokia has always been about connecting people. We are all about enabling everyone to keep in touch and make the most of every moment. Ovi Chat will hopefully do its part in bringing people closer” he added.
Ovi Chat is part of Nokia’s overall Instant Messaging offer available for Series60 handsets at the moment. Through Nokia’s Instant Messaging solution, it is possible to have several conversations simultaneously in multiple communities, such as Windows Live, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk etc. “Soon we will make the overall Instant Messaging solution available in Series 40 handsets as well” Mr. Chand added.
Nokia 2690
Nokia 2690, with its curved rounded edges and textured black surface is a modern-looking, stylish and comfortable little device designed to keep all of the user’s mobile content in one place. Available in a wide range of colours, it is designed to compliment the style and character of each individual user.
The 2690 has an integrated music player so one can stay entertained on-the-go, with a memory expandable up to 8 GB. With OVI Mail, one can easily set up a personal, free email account from the device, and stay connected with friends and family from anywhere.
The Nokia 2690 will be available in hot pink, graphite, blue and white silver for BDT 4995.
Nokia 1800
Nokia 1800, with its 1.8” TFT display, metal trimming and high-gloss finish, is a compact and trendy design. It comes with a simple colored user interface, long battery life and large memory for contacts and messages. The 1800 is designed for practicality.
With a tentative launch date of 25th May, the Nokia 1800 will be available in black, grey, blue and orchid red for BDT 2500.

Nokia 7230
Nokia 7230 with its stylish and compact design is optimized for brilliant imaging on the go and staying updated with social applications. It supports an easy access to Facebook and other social networking sites. The 3.2 megapixel camera makes it possible to capture enduring moments and share them instantly on favorite photo-sharing sites.
It has a contemporary look with a sleek design with smooth rounded corner design and shiny metallic finishing. With a slide keypad, it is compact and easy to carry around.
Nokia 7230 is a compact slider that comes in vibrant colors to suit individual personality. The 7230 makes it possible to email and chat whenever desired with Nokia Messaging and access to social networking sites. It makes downloads possible with its 3G connectivity and access to Ovi Store. Nokia 7230 lets one share and socialize 24/7.
The Nokia 7230 will be available for BDT 9900.

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