Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poila Baisakh and Bengali New Year SMS

Today, in Bangladesh, we are celebrating new Bangla year. Tomorrow, Bengali people in India will celebrate this festival. From yesterday, people are crazy to find SMS about this day. I cannot understand the reason behind searching about Poila Baisakh and Bengali New Year SMS. To be honest with you, I just think that there can be only one message for Poila Baisakh:
Shubho Noboborsho

This is the only message that you should send in this day. When we see each other, we say it. When we call by telephone we say it. You don’t need any other SMS for Poila Baisakh. This simple message says it all: Happy New Year. I cannot think of any other message that holds the day.  
Poila Baisakh is the day in which Bengali people try to find their own tradition. If you are in West Bengal or Tripura today then you can think of not watching any Hindi or English program in TV at least for one day. Try to enjoy programs in your own language Bangla.  
Poila Baisakh is not just the beginning of the New Year but also it is the largest festival for Bengali people living around the world.  

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