Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shashi Tharoor, Sunanda Pushkar and IPL controversy

Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State for External Affairs of India, is now in the headlines of Indian newspaper for his relationship with Sunanda Pushkar and involvement in IPL Kochi Team. It is believed that Sunanda Pushkar is going to be the third wife of Shashi Tharoor. Sunanda is the daughter of an army officer in Jammu. She currently runs a spa business in Dubai. She had been married twice before. Her first husband was a Kashmiri working in Delhi. Her second husband died in an accident.

Shashi Tharoor had been married twice. His first marriage was with Tilottama Mukherji, an academician based in Kolkata. His second wife, Christa Giles, is a Canadian civil servant. Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor were seen together two months ago at Congress minister, Jitin Prasada’s wedding party. On that day, Sunanda was wearing a red sari and a low-neck blouse. If everything goes according to plan, then Sunanda Pushkar will be the next wife of Shashi Tharoor.

Sunanda got media’s attention when her name came up as owner of IPL Kochi team. Sunanda Pushkar is part of a consortium Rendezvous Sports Pvt. Ltd. which owns 25% of the Indian IPL Kochi team. Out of thi,s 18% belongs to Sunanda Pushkar.

Lalit Modi revealed the names of the owners of the new IPL Kochi Team in a Twitter message. He also wrote that he was told not to get into too much details about the owners of Rendezvous Sports World Pvt. Ltd. especially, Sunanda Pushkar. The value of Pushkar’s stake is worth $15.82 million (about Rs. 70 crore). This led to curiosity about Sunanda Pushkar.

Since, Shashi Tharoor played a big role in mentoring Rendezvous Sports Pvt. Ltd. many believe that Shashi Tharoor has some financial interest. If this proves to be true then Shashi Tharoor will be in a big trouble.

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  1. Shashi Tharoor came with this lady on official visit to Oman in March. She stayed in the same hotel and used the same car provided bt Oman Government. Could anyone find out who arranged her visa for Oman. It should be the Indian Embassy.

  2. who cares abt visa for a lady who is so close to a state minister of external affairs

  3. probably she got her own visa - simple to do ! Dubai is just a few hours drive from Muscat - guess she has been on visits to Muscat many times before

  4. Now it is very clear, to whom Mr.Lalit Modi is batting for, for none other than mafia don Mr.Narendra Modi, the chief minister of Gujarat. Mr.Narendra Modi, plans got shattered when he loses the bid for Ahmedbad IPL frachise. Now BJP is asking a pound of flesh, they want resignation of Mr. Tharoor, they are telling Mr.Tharoor is a criminal. What crime as mr. Tharoor did. Is their any transfer of money took place ? The consortium has given free 18% stake hold to a lady called Ms sunanda pushkar who is the acquitance of mr. Tharoor. If the consortium agrees to give 18% stake to her, what right does the Indian public to question it ? It is a matter of the consortium members to decide. Mr. Tharoor just like any other minister asked Mr, latit mody, why he is delaying the franchise for Kerala ? As a matter of fact, BJP doesnt have any moral to ask Tharors resignation. If so, they should ask Mr.Narendra Mody to resign, he is a dirty criminal in public life, goon who has masterminded Gujarat masacre. It is better Mr.Lalit modi should reveal all the stake holders names of IPL frachisee. Then the entire country will come to know who is at fault. Indian public should know the truth, from which all political party members did have their stake at the IPL.


  6. it's all about politics. In india, politicians don't leave any opportunity of blaming others. after some days this controversy will have been replaced by a new controversy.

  7. Sunanda looks beutiful and sexy tht might have tempted Tharoor to develop sexual relationship with her. He may have forced the Kochi team to gift her free stake worth 70 cr to enjoy unlimited sex with her. she runs a spa and massage parlor in Dubai, so it is clear tht she may have many more clients like Tharoor and she knows how to extract money from them by offering them sex. When i buy a team i would like to gift her few free shares if she sleeps with me. No doubt her beuty is worth 70 cr.

  8. Shashi Tharoor and Sunanda Pushkar.
    It is seen that alphabets play a prominent role in activating love.
    For example,Charles and camilla(first letter c).Similar is the case with Diana and Dodi.
    Aishwarya and Abhishek is another example.The case of sania and Shoaib is yet another example.
    The occult number of SHASHI THAROOR is 46 which adds up to 1.Sunday stands in symbolism to 1.Also,date 22-representing 4-is significant.
    Tharoor was born on March 9,1956.His birth number is 9.He is now 54 years old(5+4=9).