Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor controversy: Latest updates

Her involvement in IPL Kochi team and Shashi Tharoor made Sunanda Pushkar very famous overnight. Indian newspapers and news channels are now looking into the family background of Sunanda Pushkar.

To know more about her and her family, reporters of Daily News Analysis (DNA) visited Sunanda Puskar’s native village, Bomai in Sopore district in Kashmir. It is located some 60 km from Srinagar. Sunanda Pushkar was born into a Pandit family. Her father, Poshkar Nath Dass, retired as a lieutenant colonel in the army. The Dass family was quite well known in the village for their riches and generosity. They owned large amount of land in Bomai and in nearby villages. According Ghulam Hassan Darzi, a government employee, some 100 pandit families used live in Bomai village and there used to be a separate”Dass Moholla.” They had good relationship with the Muslim people. Twenty years ago, when the militants attacked the valley, Pushkar’s family went to Jammu leaving all their lands, orchards and their house which today lies in ruins. Pushkar was known as “Pinky.” She was considered as a rebel. DNA reports:

She did the unthinkable by breaking the age-old tradition of pandits when she took the first name of her father as her surname albeit with some modification.

Poshkar became Pushkar and Sunanda Dass became Sunanda Pushkar. Her father Poshkar Nath Dass retired as a lieutenant colonel in the army; her brothers are officers.

Sunanda has two other brothers. One of them is working in the Indian army and another works in the banking sector.

A local sawmill owner, Ghulam Hassan Lone told reporters that Poshkar Nath stayed away from home most of the time as he served in the army. His sons and daughter studied in the city. Ghulam Hassan said that Sunanda was a modern girl. Her first marriage was with a Kashmiri Pandit boy named Sanjay Raina. It took place in the 1980s. A grand celebration was observed for her marriage. The marriage ended in a divorce. Raina currently lives in Mumbai and a singer by profession. He has a website where he describes himself as the “Raja of remixes.” He currently runs an event management company. Sunanda then got married to a Kerala businessman named Sujit Menon. He died in a road accident in Delhi. After her marriage with Menon, Sunanda moved to Dubai. There she worked in several companies.

One interesting thing about Tharoor’s first wife, Tilottama Mukherji, she is the granddaughter of a Kailashnath Katu, a Kashmiri who was the chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh and governor of Orissa and Bengal.


  1. What on earth has Sania to do with Sunanta?The names start with the same alphabet.And what about Shoaib and Sasi Tharoor?Same is the case with them.
    It is seen that alphabets play a prominent role in activating love.
    For example,Charles and camilla(first letter c).Similar is the case with Diana and Dodi.
    Quite interestingly,some times first alphabet plays quite different role.
    Zia was Pak President when Zulfikkar Ali Bhutto was hanged.Gandhiji was assassinated by Godse.what about Jesus and Judas?
    Going back to much more older days-Krishna killed Kamsa and Rama Killed Ravana.
    Briefly,from the days of Rama to Sasi Tharoor,first alphabet of name has been playing a prominent role!!

  2. well i guess it applies to 'Abhishek-Aishwarya' too

  3. Its My desire to give life to Pinky!
    She's starved! On top of it facing humilation!

  4. What use are these socialites to anyone? Should anyone care about them?

  5. Rajachandran NairApril 18, 2010 at 3:51 PM

    **** Important Questions to Mr. Shashi Tharoor****

    1) As a cabinet minister, what have you done for the welfare of India except taking photo's with your GF & making controversy statements ??

    2) Do you think that you are eligible for being
    national leader with this attitude??

    3) Could you tell me what are the advantage for Kerala people with this Kochin IPL ?? This IPL Team would be a positive initiative for the development of ordinary Malayali citizens in Kerala ?? Do you think this IPL Team would eliminate the common Kerala 's challenge of becoming Industrialized State or Infrastructure development inside the kerala???

    What ever you have done so far is only for your girl friend & you ..

    This clearly shows your selfishness & irresponsiblity .

    We malayalis would be happy for you If you have done some thing good for India & Kerala.

    Instead , You created bad image to the kerala politics & you lost Trust from the Kerala People...

    Thanks for resigning..!!!! We hope you would change your attitude in the future .

  6. I am with Taroor & Sunanda.
    That all things happened, it's his personal matters. I think Hypocrite Lalith Modi & North Indian lobby behind this matter.

  7. tharoor, his personal life, his assets and liabilities are all his personal matters and we do need to respect his prerogative to maintain privacy in those matters. we as citizens need to be more concerned with the money embezzlement and bribery involved in IPL.we as taxpayers need to know what has become of our hard earned money, be it in the sports field or any field for that matter. lets be prudent enough to laugh over the personal relationships of the people adoring the high echelons of the society, over a cup of coffee and forget it the next instance.: priya sreenivasan

  8. kya sexy lagti hai sunanda.........!

  9. Shashi Taroor first gave 70Crore share to sunanda pushkar as a sweat equity, where in she has zero eligibility for the same, and as per the company bylaw of IPL, there needs to be a minimum serving period of about 2Years to be eligible for a sweat equity. Then he said he has no relationship with Sunanda.(Just few months before their marriage).
    Finally when the matter came to public, they pretended as, they have given the shares back. Which has not happened.
    Now, once law like lokpal comes in to picture, we can seen them in jail, if the media can focus on this issue properly.
    Shashi Taroor, is a curse & a shame for the entire malayalees. He has tarnished the image of Malayalee by calling the common man as cattle class and marrying for a third time at his 65years. He is a materialistic stupid who pretends to be an intellectual.