Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bajaj Car: The Cheapest Car in the World with 30 Kilometer Mileage?

Renault-Bajaj is going to bring out the cheapest car in the world in 2012- within 2 years. The price of the ultra low cost car will be just $2500. You know that Tata made Nano has the same price. So, how can Bajaj car be the cheapest car in the world with the same price? The answer is that this one will have better mileage or in other words, it will have more fuel efficiency. It will be better for the environment than Nano too. So, Indian consumers most probably is going to see a war between Tata and Nano over the cheapest car on earth.  
Of course, this car from Bajaj is still in the planning process and it will take many months before we are going to see one. Renault is helping the company for it.
Bajaj managing director Rajiv Bajaj said to the press:
"Our intention is to do a path breaking job with fuel economy.
We remain very clear whether the car is 100,000 rupees or 150,000 rupees is not what's important. What counts just as much is mileage, maintenance and carbon emissions.
Our aim is to deliver mileage of 30 kilometres to a litre of fuel (71 miles per US gallon).
Our experience with motorcyclists is unless there's a 50 percent increase (in mileage), it's not considered good by customers."

I was going through the different reports of this news item in several websites. What I can see is that delivering a mileage of 30 kilometers will be quite a challenge for any company. Of course, I just hope that Mr. Bajaj knows what he is saying now. I personally think that it is almost and impossible promise and it will be great if he can deliver the promise after two years.   
Renault and Nissan Motor are going to help Bajaj with the development and marketing of the car. I think that if Bajaj can keep its promise about the price and mileage then it will surely be a Nano killer. Secondly, it will become very popular not only just in India but also in many third world countries. 

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  1. 30 kms in a liter, unbelievable.
    Lets wait and watch.