Thursday, May 6, 2010

Britain is heading Towards a Hung Parliament: Election 2010 Results

The time is now 5:00 AM at night, in England. I have been watching BBC and Sky News at a stretch for the last 7 hours for live results. Right now, The Conservative Party has won 222 seats, the Labor Party has won 165 seats, Liberal Democrats have 33 seats and other parties 26. So, there are now two possibilities: Conservative party may win majority number of seats or they will emerge as the largest party but fall short of the required 326 seats.
At this moment, it seems that a hung parliament is most likely. However, still, there are more that 210 seats to be announced. So, it is not still not clear. In this election, there is a clear swing for the Conservative Party. The Labor has done some better than anticipated. The Lib Dems have perhaps disappointed everyone including themselves. The opinion polls constantly showed that they would do very well but tonight, their result is frustrating. The current Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the opposition leader David Cameron have already won their seats comfortably.
I have never seen such a British election in my life. Still, no one can say what will happen. 

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