Wednesday, May 19, 2010

CHSE Orissa exam schedule 2010 available in website

CHSE Orissa Exam schedule 2010 will be announced pretty soon. Already, at 9.45 A.M. Council of Higher Secondary Education (CHSE) Orissa published its annual results.

To know your result visit:

You can also visit and get information:

Orissa is a state located on the east cost of India by the Bay of Bengal. In ancient times, the state was named Kalinga. In 261 B.C., Mauryan Emperor Ashoka invaded the state.

The modern day Orissa was established on April 1, 1936 consisting of areas where Oriya is the dominant language.Every year, Orissa people celebrate April 1 as Utkal Divas (Orissa Day).

Orissa is the ninth largest state in terms of land are and eleventh largest in terms of the size of population. The official language of the state is Odiya.

The state has an unintended coast line about 480 km long. It has one deep water seaport located at Paradip. The interior of the state is covered with mountains. Deomali is the highest point of the state. It is located at a height of 1672 m from sea level.

Very often Orissa suffers from cyclone attacks. In October 1999, tropical cyclone caused severe damages.

At Jaipur Orissa, ruins of ancient university and Buddhist learning center, Ratnagiri has been discovered. The modern day higher education in Orissa started during the colonial period. Currently, there are eleven recognized universities.

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