Thursday, May 27, 2010

Golimar Review: A Telugu Movie

On May 27, 2010, Puri Jagannadh’s movie, Golimar, released in theatres.

Golimar stars Gopichand, Priyamani in lead roles. The movie is actually based on the life of famous encounter specialist, Dayanayak. Earlier, Puri Jagannadh gave another hit police movie, Pokkiri which ran for 562 days in Kurnool.

Story, screenplay, dialogues & direction: Puri Jagannadh.

Cast: Gopichand, Priyamani, Roja, Nasser, Kelly Dorjee, Shawar Ali, MS Narayana, Jeeva and Others.

Music: Chakri.

Golimar is a movie which glorifies the police. Though it has a typical action story, Puri Jagannadh had been able to keep the audience hooked with some great twists.

Gopichand plays Gangaram, an orphan who, through great struggle, becomes a police officer. With his dedication and determination, he proves to be an officer who would uphold the law at any cost.

Gangaram was appointed to destroy the businesses of two major mafia dons- Khalid and Talwa. These two gangsters have been operating in the city for the past fifteen years. Khalid runs his underworld business from Malaysia while Talwa stays in India.

Aside from extortion, they are also involved in the drug business which will be unveiled by the hero.

Gangaram first morally weakens his opponents by threatening them. He kills bad guys. Then something happens which forces the hero to become the villain. He then goes abroad and kills the real criminal.

If you have seen Puri Jagannadh’s superhit movie Pokiri, you would think that Golimar has a similar story but that is not the case. In Pokiri, the real hero is revealed in the end of the movie. In Golimar, the identity of the hero is revealed in the beginning.

Gopichand gave a very entertaining performance in the movie. Viewers would love his performance.

Nassar, who played the role of Joseph Vijay’s father in the Tamil remake of Pokiri in 2007, played an important role in the movie and he played it very convincingly.

Roja Selvamani, the yester year’s popular South Indian actress played the role of Priyamani’s mother in the movie and she played the role very well. It can be termed as her come back performance. The actress may not be successful in politics but she once again proved that she is a talented actress.

Though an action movie, the film also has a romantic side. Priyamani plays the female lead and fits her role very well. The dance and song sequences perfectly fit into the story.

The music of the movie has been composed by Chakri. The songs are not of good quality but they are very enjoyable to watch. The picturisation of the songs had been very good.


  1. Its nice. Worth watching once.

  2. Giri .
    Hi all , saw this movie , it was nice .. looked like a sequel of POKIRI ...