Friday, May 28, 2010

IIFA Awards 2010 will help to boost Sri Lanka’s economy

The upcoming Indian International Film Academy Award (IIFA) will help Sri Lanka to build a positive image to the world. For the last twenty six years, Sri Lanka had been ravaged by civil war. Most of the time, media used to give out news of war and death and it affected the overall economy of the country.

Now, the war is over and Sri Lanka is now serious to improve its economy. Hence, it bid to host the 11th IIFA award in Colombo.

Each year the countries have to bid to host for the award ceremony. Previously, the IIFA award took place in London, Sun City, Johannesburg, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Amsterdam, Yorkshire and Bangkok.

In 2009, IIFA celebrated its 10th anniversary in Macau. This year, nine countries bid to host IIFA 2010 and out of them Sri Lanka won the bid.

Yapa Abeywardena, Economic Development Deputy Minister of Sri Lanka, said that hosting the 11th IIFA Awards will have a positive effect in Sri Lanka’s development scheme.

Mr. Abeywardena visited the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium to inspect the progress where the MicroMax IIFA Awards 2010 will take place. He said that around 600 million viewers will watch the event on television and more than 300 foreign media representatives from more than 110 countries will be present to cover the event. This would show that Sri Lanka has all the capabilities to host an International show.

Mr. Abeywardena believes that the show would have a positive effect on Sri Lanka’s rapidly growing tourism sector. He hopes that the number of Indian tourists in Sri Lanka would increase by 50% next year.

Around 2,650 hotel rooms have been booked for the event and hotels from Colombo to Bentotal will accompany visitors.

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  1. It is really bad that war criminal like Srilanka IFFA 2010 hosts. Do not forget that Srilanka still commits genocide against the tamil population. Last year only, Srilankan forces killed more than 50000 civilians by bombing hospitals and schools where the innocent tamil people were.

    UN is going to form a committee to investigate the war crimes committed by Srilanka. So, Srilanka is not the right country to host such a good event like IFFA.