Saturday, May 22, 2010

Michael Holding Suggests for Two Divisions in Test Cricket

Michael Holding has fully criticized twenty20 cricket as he believes that the newest form of the game is destroying test cricket. To him, twenty20 cricket is offering big amount of money to the young potential cricketers in an inappropriate manner. As a result, young players are losing interest from test cricket.

In his attempt to save test cricket, Holding suggested that there should be two divisions in test cricket based on ranking. Top half in the ranking should play among themselves, while the bottom half teams will be playing against each other. Moreover, there should have promotion and relegation system based on teams’ performance in each division.

Michael Holding has recently shared this view while giving an interview with CNN International. The legendary West Indies pacer has recently written an autobiography titled ‘No Holding Back!’.

Michael Holding is one of those former cricket stars who blame twenty20’s rise in world cricket as the reason behind test cricket’s losing popularity. He has also criticized Indian Premier League where young players can earn a huge amount of money playing just 6 weeks.

However, he suggests that young cricketers should play test cricket in order to develop themselves as a matured cricketer before turning to twenty20 format.

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