Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nepal: Time is Running out for Peace

Just 3 days are left of the duration of the Constituent Assembly (CA) of Nepal. A deal must take place by 28 May 2010 or Nepal may experience one of the darkest political problems in its recent history. Chairman Subash Nemwang has stated that if any agreement does not take place to extend the duration of the CA then the assembly will be dissolved.
Right now, the prospect looks very bleak as the major political parties have not been able to find solution to several important issues. In CA, the Maoists are the largest group but they do not have majority and a coalition of anti-Maoists parties are in the government.
CPN (Maoist), Nepali Congress and CPN (UML) leaders are now discussing to reach an agreement over the whole issue.
The Maoists are demanding the resignation of the current Prime Minister Madhav Kumar while many of the other parties are keen to keep him in power. Nepal News.com has reported that the government has requested all the political parties to support a bill that seeks to amend the constitution so that the tenure of the Constituent Assembly can be extended.  

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