Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pakistan Government Advised to Ban Export of Cotton and Yarn

Jawaid Bilwani, the convener of the Value-Added Textile Forum Pakistan, recently called for the government to ban the export of cotton and yarn in order save the value added textile sector of the country.

He also revealed that this sector created 42% employment including 15% for women in Pakistan, but because of government’s poor policy countries like Bangladesh are importing raw materials for their garments industry and exporting the value-added products to earn foreign exchange.

Mr. Bilwani was addressing the media at a press conference while talking about the downgrading situation of the value-added textile sector of the country. He expressed that Pakistan has a 25% deficit of cotton, compared to neighbor India’s 30% surplus, and around value-added textile units make 70% of the total textile units in the country.

Jawaid Bilwani blamed the spinning sector for exporting raw cotton and yarn, and thus, creating a negative impact on the textile sector of the country. He also revealed that 50% mills were forced to close down in dearth of enough cotton and yarn to continue the production.

In terms of cotton production, Pakistan stands 4th in world map and it has the 14th biggest value-added textile industry in the world.

Mr. Bilwani also provided alarming statistics revealing that 400 value added textile industries have been shifted to other countries, while 200 were completed closed down. That is why, he called on Textile minister to inflict a ban on exporting cotton and yarn to other countries.

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  1. I think it is a good act of Pakistan government because by doing this Pakistan will be able to fulfill their necessities.