Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Argentina vs Brazil Dream Final is possible in World Cup Football 2010

FIFA World Cup 2010 has now reached at the quarter final stage and there are only 8 matches left before the football world gets the new world champion. Both Argentina and Brazil are in dominating form so far in the tournament and millions of football fans are now expecting a final featuring these two traditional arch-rivals of football.

How Brazil and Argentina can Face Each Other in the Final

Brazil is going to face Netherlands on 2 July in their quarter final affair. A win over the Dutch would see Brazil facing either Uruguay or Ghana in the semi final. So, it seems to be an easy passage for the Samba Kings to reach the tournament final.

However, for the Maradona boys, they have to be at their best to get over their opponents in the next two matches before progressing to the tournament final. Argentina faces Germany, who knocked out England in the round of 16, and it would not be an easy job for Messi and his teammates.

After a victory over Germany, Argentina would most probably face Spain (assuming Spain would win over Paraguay) in the semi final. That would be another big game for the Argentines. Spain is the European champion and is considered as the pre-tournament favorite. Argentina has to defeat Spain to reach the final.

If everything goes in their way, there is a huge possibility Argentina and Brazil could face each other in the final of World Cup Football 2010.

Traditional Rivalry

The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina is arguably the best and most popular in world football. A face-off between the two South American neighbors is always a special fixture irrespective of the status of the match.

The two teams faced each other in 89 matches with both sides winning on 33 occasions each. Other 23 matches ended up in draw. History of their rivalry in football includes some rough and tough matches including the match of South American Championship 1937 and the final match of the South American Championship 1946.

In the 1937 tournament in Argentina, Brazilian players were racially abused by the raging Argentine fans, and Brazilian fans left the stadium before the final whistle in fear of a clash with the home fans.

During the final of the 1946 tournament, Argentina captain José Salomón was severely injured following a tackle by Brazil’s Jair Rosa Pinto. Salomón, who broke his tibia and fibula, could never recover fully from his injury and that was the end of his career in football. After that incident, Brazil and Argentina did not play against each other for 10 years.

It is expected that this kind of unfortunate situations would not occur this time in South Africa and football fans would love to experience a highly entertaining final between Argentina and Brazil.

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