Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Argentina vs Nigeria Fifa 2010: Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona have to Deliver

Argentina will play their opening match of World Cup Football 2010 on 12 June (Saturday) against Nigeria. The day being a weekend, it is natural that millions of people in Argentina will be glued in front of their TV sets. All the fans will have just one thing in their mind- how Messi and Maradona can bring happiness for the country.
Diego Maradona is undoubtedly the greatest football player that Argentina ever saw. He almost single handedly made his country world Champion in FIFA 1986 World Cup. He is now the coach of the national team. Many people believe that his presence brings special influence on the team. On the other hand, Lionel Messi is now the best footballer in the world. So, their combination should produce something special.
Argentina vs Nigeria will be the match number 4 of World Cup 2010. This is a group B match and in this group, the other two teams are Korea Republic (South Korea) and Greece. On paper, it should be a comfortable group for Maradona and Messi but the first match can become tricky as Nigeria is also a strong team.
Nigeria is a formidable powerhouse in Africa. In fact, in 2010 Africa Cup of Nations, Nigeria could secure 3rd position. Since this World Cup is taking place in South Africa, Nigerian fans will hope that their national team can achieve something exceptional as an African country.
The main challenge for coach Diego Maradona will be to ensure a good harmony among the players who play in different clubs in different countries. In fact, only 6 players of 23-man squad play in Argentina. In Lionel Messi (Barcelona), Gonzalo Higuaín (Real Madrid), Diego Milito (Inter Milan) and Carlos Tévez (Manchester City), Argentina has perhaps the best striking line-up in the tournament. The main problem for Maradona is that there are not enough world class players in midfield.
It was in 1986 when Argentina last won this most prestigious tournament of world football. Since then, their arch rival and neighbor Brazil won the trophy twice (1994 and 2002). So, there is immense pressure on Maradona to make the nation proud. 


  1. I thought Maradona was a drug cheat!!! How come he is getting so many adorations?

    I hope FIFA will Drug test all the Argentine players against Nigeria, Greece and Korea well days before the matches. I was told that birds of the same feathers flock together!!!

  2. Please correct this and stop being bais Maradona is the gratest player the world has ever seing not Argentina alone

  3. Maradona equals hand of God to English football fans (A pitty for them after so many years -1986 still in memory). For me the memory I had was Maradona being banned by FIFA during 1994 USA where Argentina did not make it to the knock out stages for using Drugs. Only God knows the substance he used prior to being caught. i hope and pray that he will not transfer the knowledge to his team.

  4. All hail Maradona. We love you

  5. formation

    jonas.......mas........veron maria