Sunday, June 27, 2010

Aushima Sawhney: No News, Just Hot Videos!

It is perhaps a shame that there is hardly any information about Aushima Sawhney in Internet but there is no shortage of her pictures and some videos that are perceived to be hot enough to bring her name in Google Trends India.
There is not a lot to write about Ashima Sawhney. She first caught the attention of the media and the people in 2005 by being a contestant in the final event of Miss India 2005 beauty pageant. She did not have any impressive result in that event but it gave her the opportunity to be seen by many people.
The real breakthrough came for her in 2007 when she could act in a film called Dhoka. She also took part in Superstar (2008). Both the movies failed to get any success in the box office.
Right now, Ashima Sawhney is taking part in a reality TV show called ‘Desi Girl’ in a cable TV channel. Most probably, because of this matter people are now searching about her in Internet from India.
Anyway, Ashima Sawhney is an educated girl and she should open her own website or a blog. This should perhaps help her to get out of the hot images or hot videos perception.
By the way, it seems that Ashima Sawhney has a Twitter account:
If you somehow follow her then let her know that she should open a blog. 

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