Tuesday, June 22, 2010

England vs Slovenia: Wayne Rooney Facing his Biggest Test

England vs Slovenia match of tomorrow is a do or die situation for English Football team as well as Wayne Rooney in this world cup. Earlier today, the French Fans saw their national team got an early exit from the tournament. Things do not like to be very rosy for Fabio Capello’s boys either.
In Group C, all the four teams (England, Slovenia, USA and Algeria) have the chance to move to the next round. USA has perhaps an easy match against Algeria compared to England or Slovenia. If USA wins then they would automatically go to the next round no matter what happens in England’s match. The same goes for England too- if they can win against Slovenia then they would go to the next round irrespective of what happens in the other match.
However, if England draws then things may get nasty for them. So, Fabio Capello is looking at Wayne Rooney to show his magic and score a goal or two against Slovenia tomorrow. Former Chelsea striker Tony Cascarino has openly criticized Wayne Rooney and has called for not keeping him in the first eleven in tomorrow’s match.
Tony Cascarino said to Sky Sports, "There might have been an intruder in the dressing room after Friday's game, but there must be a second one because that is not Wayne Rooney.
His form has been so poor. In 180 minutes he has not had a worthwhile shot, he has not been unlucky and his touch has been awful.
We all know what Wayne Rooney can do. He is an exceptional talent that can win you games, but Jermain Defoe has done more in ten minutes than Rooney has done in two games.
The World Cup is not the place to suddenly lose your form."

It is true that Rooney’s performance has not been impressive in World Cup Football 2010. However, he is still the best player of England national team and Coach Fabio Capello knows that if Rooney can get his best form then no team can contain him.
Capello said, "Sometimes the pressure is so big for all the important players. Wayne has improved the last two days during training and I am sure tomorrow he will play really well."

Wayne Rooney has to give his best performance for the national team and if he fails to do so then he will face a lot of criticism at home. 


  1. im rely hope England can win today..

  2. England will not find it easy. They are not as good as the media wants us to believe.

  3. I believe that wayne rooney will find form soon, he gets paid enough to score goals and he should, he should put his personal issues behind him.