Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Martin Palermo Scores for Argentina at the Age of 36

Martin Palermo first played for Argentine national football team in 1999 and since then he could play just 15 matches. However, he has been lucky and scored 9 goals in these matches. Earlier today, he was again lucky and scored the second goal for Argentina against Greece.
This is the first World Cup for Martin Palermo. His form for the national team has never been impressive. In a Copa America match against Columbia, he missed 3 penalties in a single match. No other player in the history of World Football has this miserable record. Thus, in his early years, Martin Palermo was unlucky while playing for the national team. However, for the last one year, his luck has helped not only him but also his team.
On 10 October 2009, Palermo scored the second goal for Argentina in the 93rd minute against Peru in a World Cup qualifier. It was perhaps the luckiest goal for the team in the entire qualification campaign.
Earlier today, Messi hit a good strike and the Greek goalkeeper could just punch the ball and it came to Palermo who made no mistake and put the ball in the net. Thus, he became the oldest player in Argentina national football team to score a goal in an international match.  
Diego Maradona needs the brilliance of Messi as well as the luck of Martin Palermo in order to win the World Cup this time as a coach.
Despite having a lack luster record in international matches, Palermo is a very successful player in club level football. He has scored many goals for Boca Juniors in domestic league.

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  1. Palermo is not only luck. He scored more than 200 goals on one of the most important Football Clubs of the World, Boca Juniors.
    It is a mistake to think that is all ¨luck¨...