Tuesday, June 29, 2010

FIFA 2010 live telecast in India: ESPN is the Channel

ESPN India is surely enjoying a good time now because of FIFA World Cup 2010. Millions of people in South Asia are watching the matches live thanks to this channel. Good news is that ESPN India has been able to sell almost all of its ad inventories for the tournament.
According to a Nielsen Global Online Survey, " Eight in ten (81%) Indians would follow the live telecast of the game on the Television, 58 percent would follow the game in the Newspaper, and a half (51%) would watch the games in delayed broadcasts & highlights on TV."
This means good business for ESPN India as they are showing all the matches of World Cup 2010. When there were two matches at the same time then Star Sports provided live telecast to one of them.
ESPN and Star Sports give live telecast of the English Premier League matches to South Asian viewers.
In the past, Star Sports used to show La Liga matches where players like Kaka, Messi and Ronaldo play. However, from last season, they have stopped doing that. So, hopefully, seeing the popularity of football in India, decision makers at ESPN India and Star Sports would again bring back La Liga matches for Indian TV viewers.  
The website address of ESPN India is: http://www.espnstar.com/
Hopefully, ESPN would bring more football coverage for the South Asian fans. There is huge fan following of Argentina and Brazil in South Asia. Unfortunately, the South Asian fans are unable to watch most of the matches of Argentina and Brazil national teams.  

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