Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Google Adsense Payment by Western Union Still Missing in South Asia

Google Adsense is surely the most popular thing when it comes to online advertisement. Adsense is very popular among website, blog and forum owners in South Asia just like other parts of the world. Thousands of publishers from Bangladesh, India and Pakistan are using this program to monetize their website. However, the sad thing is that Adsense Payment by Western Union is still not available for most publishers in South Asia.
A quick look at the list of countries that come under Payment by Western Union Quick Cash category would show that only Pakistan is in that list. In other words, Pakistani publishers can have this facility. So, they can get their earning very fast as with Western Union the money reaches to the receiver within a matter of few hours.
India is the biggest market for Google in South Asia. So, it is not clear why Indian publishers still cannot receive the payment through Western Union. Perhaps, Indian central bank officials should talk to Google about it as the company has strong presence in India. It is notable that a few months ago, there was some problem with Paypal because of change of rules by the Reserve Bank of India. So, it is the Reserve Bank of India that can come forward to talk to Google so that similar problem does not happen if the company gives the facility to Indian publishers in future.
Google does not have any office in Bangladesh but now a days, many website owners in the country use Adsense for monetizing. Western Union is present in the country for the last few years but Bangladeshi publishers cannot get Adsense earnings through Western Union yet. In fact, Western Union carries out television ads to encourage people to send money to Bangladesh through its service. So, it is time that the company takes the step and makes this facility available for publishers in Bangladesh.
Finally, payment through Western Union was made available to Nepalese publishers in June 2009 and just after one year it was disabled in June 2010. However, it seems that there was no problem from the side of Google but Central Bank of Nepal had some issues and this service was discontinued in Nepal


  1. Prior to payments via WU, Malaysians were getting cheques from Google which took about more than two months to be paid. Now almost immediately Malaysians are getting paid via WU.