Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Park Yong Ha dies an Early Death at 32

It is a very sad news to the fans of Park Yong-ha. Just a few weeks before of his 33rd birthday, he has killed himself in his home at the South Korean capital Seoul. This untimely death will make millions of fans of this actor and singer very sad. The reason for his suicide is yet to be known.
Park Yong ha was born on 12 August 1977 and he caught the attention of many people just at the age of 17 with the drama, Theme Theater in 1994. After that, he became very popular and worked in a number TV programs and movies. The year 2002 brought another huge success for Park Yong-ha with his acting in Winter Sonata that gained huge popularity not only in Korea but also in Japan. This TV drama also featured actress Choi Ji-woo.
This untimely death would come at a shock to many people in East Asia. Park was supposed to act in a new drama called Love Song. Yoon Eun Hye was supposed act as the lead female role in the drama.
Park received several awards in his 17 years of successful career. He was also almost equally successful as a singer.
Suicide is a growing problem in South Korea among young people. It is already big problem in Japan. The suicide of Park Yong ha is perhaps a reminder that something should be done in both Korea and Japan to fight against this social problem.


  1. RIP Park Yong Ha. I love you. :(

  2. R.i.p. Park, May god bless your soul. You will be missed deeply.

  3. Love you a lot Park Yong Ha. May you Rest In Peace

  4. RIP Park Yong Ha.I love you so much..