Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flying car Terrafugia Transition is here: Interested to buy?

Finally, the flying car is here. Terrafugia, a Woburn Massachusetts based company, rolled out the first flying car of the world. Named Terrafugia Transition, the car has been approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration for mass production.

FAA had to give “special weight exemption” to allow the company to add certain safety measures to the vehicle. Terrafugia Transition has been built as a “light sport” aircraft which is the smallest kind of private aeroplane according to FAA’s definition.

As per FAA rule, the weight of the plane must be within 1320 lbs but the Terrafugia Transition manufacturers found it very difficult to include safety features such as airbag, crumple zones and roll cage within that weight limit. The FAA granted the company an exemption allowing it to weigh 120 lbs more than the permitted weight.

Terrafugia” is a Latin word which means “Escape the Earth.” The company was founded in 2006 by reputed aeronautical engineers who studied in MIT and all of them share a common quality, they all are passionate private pilots. The company was established to provide innovative solutions in the field of personal aviation. This led to the creation of Terrafugia Transition.

Terrafugia Transition is “roadable aircraft” which can drive on flat surface using its two front-wheels. The vehicle has an impressive 30 miles per gallon fuel efficiency. It has two foldable wings. Once the driver takes it to an airfield or a wide open flat piece of land, it folds down the electrically powered wings and takes off just like a plane. There is a propeller at its rear.

Terrafugia Transition has a cruising speed of 115 mph in the air and has a range of 460 milles. It can take a maximum 450 lb load. In order to fly, it requires a 1,700 foot runway and comfortably fits into your car garage. It comes with a price tag of $194,000. So, are you interested?

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