Friday, June 11, 2010

Football World Cup 2010 attracts Indian Internet Users

When it comes to football or soccer, India is not the country you would think of because the people here are crazy for cricket and only cricket. However, many people in the country are interested a lot about Football World Cup 2010- at least Google Trends India is showing this matter.
At this moment, many people are searching for Football World Cup 2010. According to Google trends the people mainly came from:
10% - Mumbai, MH
7% - Bangalore, KA
7% - New Delhi, DL
What is surprising perhaps is that Football is more popular in Kolkata than Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi. So, it is a positive sign that people are searching from other cities beyond Kolkata.
Some other keywords related to the world cup that are being searched from India at this moment are: shakira video songs,         waka waka song free download, fifa full form, shakira wallpapers and football videos.
You may wonder what the relationship between Shakira and Football is. Today is the opening ceremony of FIFA 2010. Shakira performed in a live concert for this event yesterday in South Africa.
Thanks to TV channels like ESPN, Star Sports, Ten Sports and Zee Sports, Indian fans can enjoy soccer matches of some of the European leagues. So, many of the top players of this World Cup are already known to the Indian fans. ESPN and Star Sports have TV rights for South Asian countries. They are providing special coverage for the tournament. 

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