Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Hyundai Verna Transform car in India: Price and specifications

Hyundai Verna Transform, the upgraded version of Hyundai Verna is launched at New Delhi in India on June 23, 2010. The new Verna Transfrom was first unveiled at the 2010 Beijing Auto Show. Few months ago, the car has been launched in South Korea few months ago and it has become quite popular.

Mr. H W Park, Managing Director and CEO, Hyundai Motor India, is confident that the new Verna Transform sedan will give a big boost to the company’s product-line in India and would raise the bench mark in the C segment (Sedan) market.

Hyundai Verna was first launched in India in September 2006. Till date, the company sold 82,076 units in India. The car could not become successful in India for its average look. The new Verna rids of all the design shortcomings and comes with great interior features.

In India, the Verna Transform will be available in six colors- Stone Black, Sleek Silver, Deep Ocean Blue, Champagne Gold, Crystal White, Blushing Red.

The car comes in three powertrains- 1.6 L VTVT Manual which comes in Base and SX variant; 1.5 L CRDi VGT Manual which comes in Base and SX variant; and 1.5L CRDi VGT A/T which comes in SX variant.

The price of Hyundai Verna Transform range from Rs. 6.56 lakh to Rs.9.22 lakh. The Verna VTVT without audio would cost Rs. 6,55,896; Verna VTVT with audio would cost Rs. 6,74,321; Verna SX VTVT would cost Rs.7,50,384; Verna VGT CRDi without audio would cost Rs. 787,881; Verna VGT CRDi with audio would cost Rs. 806,404; Verna VGT SX CRDi would cost Rs, 8,57,140 and Verna VGT SX AT CRDi would cost Rs. 9,21,522.

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Hyundai Motor India Ltd. is expecting its sales to grow by about 15 percent as the auto market in India is now reviving.

Hyundai Motor India, on Wednesday said it expects its domestic sales to grow by about 15 per cent in 2009 on account of a revival in the auto market.

Hyundai is one of the top auto companies in India. It is also the second largest auto exporter in the region. The company has been operating in India since 1996. It has its manufacturing facility near Chennai.

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  1. i own hyundai verna transform SX VGT CRDI

    hijack attempt of my hyundai verna transform but saved because of immobilizer.

    wake up at 2 mid night by siren and saw my hyundai verna transform being pushed by thieves.they were not able to start but damaged ignition key lock and door lock.immobilizer worked and car was saved.

    saved by hyundai security but road side assistance is pathetic.

    my vehicle is still in service centre since 10th of january as they calling key lock set and immobilizer a dead stock.anyway part arrived after 7 days and installed yesterday.On enquiry i came to know that one more part is required and it will take 3-4 days more.Why that part was not being ordered with key lock set and other stuff on 10th of 11 of jan.

    this what people of hyundai do at service centre

    So at last-my vehicle still in service centre,more to wait which shows not only road side assistance is patehetic but also after sales service and parts availability.