Thursday, June 10, 2010

In Raavan movie Vikram enjoyed playing Veera

Vikram Kennedy is not a well known actor in Bollywood but he is one of the most sought after actors in South Indian cinema. Vikram Kennedy worked in Mani Ratnam’s Raavan which will hit the theatres on June 18, 2010. He played two different characters in two version. In Tamil version, Raavanan, he played the negative character, Veera, while in Hindi version, he played the role of police officer.

It was a very demanding job for Vikram. In an interview with Times of India, the actor shares his experience.

Vikram played Dev in Hindi version and Veera in Tamil version and the two are entirely different characters with entirely different style and body language. Initially, he was offered the role of Veera in Tamil movie. Later Mani Ratnam told him that he should also play Dev in Hindi movie. It was Mani Ratnam’s confidence in Vikram that helped him pull off such a feat. Never before in Indian cinema, any actor played simultaneously two different roles at the same time. It can only happen in Indian cinema because movies are made in different languages in India. Vikram also dubbed his own voice in Hindi version. People who watched Vikram in Raavan liked his work.

When asked if he is planning to do any more movies in Hindi. Vikram said,

“I’m just testing the waters. Anniyan (dubbed into Hindi as Aparachit) had given me some kind of recognition in Hindi cinema. It got me a lot of offers from Mumbai, but Tamil cinema will always be my top priority. I will take a call on doing more Hindi films after the release of Raavan and that too, only if I get a strong script.”

When asked which character he enjoyed playing most in Raavan and Raavana, Vikram said that Veera is very close to him. The character of Veera is multi-faceted. He is a strong character and holds a lot of power. On the contrary, Dev is a very traditional hero. There is nothing very unusual about him. On the contrary, Veera has grey shades and it gave Vikram a lot of scope to explore new range of emotions.

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