Thursday, June 10, 2010

Samsung Star 3g in India: Price and Specifications

Samsung Star 3G S5603 is a stylish touchscreen mobile phone with high speed 3G connectivity. It is the enhanced version of Samsung Star. Samsung star 3g would cost Rs.11,000.

The Samsung Star 3G is a bar shaped phone with contoured corners. The phone’s leather case protects its LCD screen. The phone has Touchwiz uesr interface for easy navigation, 262K color, QVGA resolution, touchscreen with haptic feedback. The homescreen can be customized with embedded widgets, accelerometer, mobile blogging, power LED flash light, 3.2 MP camera with LED flash, video telephony support, 2.8 inch touchscreen.

The phone measures 102.8 inches x54.8 inches x 12.9 inches and weighs 96 gm. It comes in black color and has a flat look. The phone has 5GB internal memory which can be expanded up to 8GB.

The Samsung Star 3G has an MP3 player that supports a wide range of media files such as MP3/AAC/AAC+/e-AAC+/WMA/WAV. The phone has a music recognition feature which helps the user to identify songs.

The user would have to record a clip of the song and then send it to the server and the song will be identified. The music library allows the user to easily organize and manage with MTP. The background music option allows the user to listen to songs while he is accessing other application. The FM Radio with RDS provides music and information all time.

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  1. Dear Friends
    I bought Star GTS5233W Samsung phone six month back its touch screen is not working properly. It is not only of my phone my other friends also facing same problem.
    When my hand went for replacement set in authorized center, they told me that if the problem occurs in seven days only then company will replace the handset which is happened very rarely. Indirectly there is no replacement policy. Samsung’s handset replacement policy is worst. There were many people in center had same problem of warranty of all kind of touch screen phone.
    The product is failure in the market. It is not at all worth.
    Please think thousands time before buying any Samsung phone.