Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Indian auto export rose 50% in May 2010

Indian auto sector saw an export of 179,130 units. According to Vishnu Mathur, Director General, Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM), the total overseas sales for all categories in last month were the best ever in the month of May.

Compared to the export figure of 1,19,749 units in May 2009 there was a 49.59% rise.

Two-wheeler producers were major contributors posting an impressive 1,16,832 units. The two-wheeler segment saw a growth of 49.11%.

Bajaj Auto, the largest bike maker of India, sold 77,762 units in the overseas market, a 51.23% rise compared to 51,149 units in May 2009.

Chennai-based TVS Motor Company sold 15,587 units overseas, a 50.89% rise compared to 10,330 units in May 2009.

Passenger car export stood at 32,649 units. Compared to 26,619 units in May 2009, it is a 10.23% rise. Mr. Mathur said, “The sales in export markets were very impressive. It is despite the fact that the scrappage incentives offered in some European countries for passenger cars are over."

Hyundai Motor India Limited, the largest exporter of India saw a dip of 2.33% at 19,657 units against 20,125 units in May 2009.

On the contrary, Maruti Suzuki, the largest passenger car producer in India, saw a rise in export by 33.38% to 12,020 units against 9,012 units at the same time last year.

The three-wheeler segment export increased by more than two-folds at 19,918 units against 7,576 units in May 2009. Bajaj Auto exported 18,202 units of three-wheelers against 7,107 units at the same time last year.

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