Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wayne Rooney’s Temper: Main Fear for England Fans in World Cup 2010

Wayne Rooney is perhaps in his best form right now. So, there are a lot of expectations from all the English fans from him. However, it seems that his bad temper can cause some major damage for his national team in the upcoming World Cup in South Africa.
Some fans are worried for this matter because of the bad memory of Rooney getting red card in last World Cup (2006) in Germany. Some bookies have also predicted the possibility of him getting a red card in World Cup 2010 and now, the odds of his getting at least one red card stand on 5/1, reports Daily Mirror. On 7 June, England played against a South African club called Platinum Stars and in it, Rooney was cautioned seriously by the referee for showing decent.
It was a friendly match and that is perhaps why the referee was not too severe on Rooney. However, the player apologized to the referee and things ended in a happy manner. When it comes to World Cup matches, things will not be so rosy. More than anyone, Rooney knows this matter.
In World Cup Football 2006, England clashed with Portugal in the quarterfinal. In that match, Wayne Rooney was sent-off and England lost the match on penalty shootout. Thus, the worry about his temper has some historical background.
England suffered almost similar tragedy in 1998 World Cup when David Beckham was shown red Card in the match against Argentina in second round (round of 16). England lost that match too. In both the cases, Rooney and Beckham lost temper and were shown red card and England suffered early exit.
In the recently concluded English Premier League season, Wayne Rooney was the top player and awarded PFA Players' Player of the Year. His team mate, John Terry has come in support of Rooney.
The best person who can now make the fans calm is Rooney himself. 

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