Monday, June 21, 2010

iOS 4 Release: Time is near

Today is another big day for Apple product users and app developers for the company is going to release its latest OS, the iOS4. The new iOS4 will be released anytime today.

Since introducing the Apple iPhone in 2007, the company has been regularly introducing updates after one year.

First of all, let’s talk about the name, iOS. Apple licensed the name from Cisco. Apple gave a sneak preview of the OS back in April where Apple said that the iOS4 would come up with 7 “tent-pole” features, more than 100 general user features along with 1500 major new API for developers.

The new iOS4 will be available for free download at the official website of Apple. The new OS would run on iPhone 3G S, iPod touch, 3rd gen iTouch, and iPad. However, users of iPhone 3G and 2G would not get the multi-tasking and wallpapers.

Apple iPhone users would be able to download iOS4 through the iTunes. Just connect your iPhone with the computer and open up iTUnes. A software-update message will pop-up automatically.

Some of the features that have not been updated in iOS 4 are- stocks, weather, voice-memo, and calculator.

Spell checking feature was first introduced in iOS 3.2 for iPad. This feature is a system-wide addition. In the new spell checking system, if the OS thinks that the user misspelled a word then the word will be underlined in red, similar to that of Microsoft Office. Upon tapping on the misspelled word, a pop-up would appear showing the user recommended replacement. Tapping on the popup would replace the replace the misspelled word. This new feature along with iPhone’s “predictive auto-correct” makes typing very easy on iPhone.

Text Replace, VoiceControl, Wi-Fi, Virtual Keyboard, Bluetooth Keyboard Support, Over-the-air Carrier Setting Updates, Home Screen are some of the major new features of the iOS4.

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  1. Can't wait for the new os, Tested the beat with my app, Worked fine. So its just a matter of time before it becomes a flawless OS and no need for jailbreaks. :)