Friday, June 25, 2010

iPhone 4G Problem: A Minor Setback for Apple?

On June 24, 2010, Apple iPhone 4 G was released but many buyers are unhappy as they are facing problems while making or receiving calls and discolored phone screens.
Many users complained about yellow-brown “stains” appearing on the display. They come in form of a small blob around the corners of the display. At the moment, iPhone 4 users are not facing any serious problems for the stains.
Apple Insider forum talked about this problem. It reported that Apple is using a Organ functional Silane Z-6011 to bond the glass cover, the LCD panel and the digitizer and not giving enough time to evaporate and this is causing the discoloration. If the screen of the iPhone 4G remains on continuously, the yellow strains would disappear after one or two days.
Another major problem is Apple’s antenna. Many users experienced problem while making and receiving calls with their new iPhone 4G. If the caller holds the iPhone 4 in a certain way, then signal bar drops drastically. PC referred it as “death grip.”
In a statement issued by Apple, the company acknowledged the problem and said that it is natural for wireless phones and suggested users to “avoid gripping the left corner” in ways that would cover both sides of the black strip in the metal band of the phone.
A big thread containing 360 messages on Apple’s iPhone 4 support forum complained about the issue. A user said that when his palm covers up the left side of the phone “signal drops from 4-5 bars to ‘searching for signal……….’ He further said that cell signal degrades when covered by hand but this problem is serious.
Aaron Vronko, CEO, Rapid Repair, a Portage Michigan based repair shop, which regularly repairs iPhones, said that unlike its previous models which placed the antennas inside, the two antennas in the iPhone 4 G are located outside. The antenna on the left side controls Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals while the antenna on the right side receives cellular signals.
Holding the iPhone 4G, especially with sweaty hands, bridges the two antennas and they start tracking different wavelengths than designed for which causes this problem.
Gizmodo also talked about the antenna of iPhone 4 extensively. CNet suggested that it would be better if iPhone 4G users spend few bucks more to buy a case.
Apple needs to address these issues as quick as possible because it received 600,000 pre-orders. The release date of pre-order phones has been pushed to July 14, 2010. This means, many people are already upset. If those phones turn out to be faulty then Apple will be in huge problem. Moreover, Apple would not be able to replace such large amount at short notice.


  1. Hate it. Loved my 3GS. But this one hangs up on everyone

  2. I love my iphone 3g no current issues no probsss
    hey friends dont buy new iphone 4g
    A problems in recieving signals
    touch screen probb fadess